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A House-Senate conference committee on the state budget has

agreed to provide state employees a 4 percent pay raise or an

additional $100 a month, whichever is higher, during the next

two-year budget cycle.

About 30,000 workers in 18 state agencies where turnover is

especially high -- including correctional officers -- will get

larger raises whose amounts will be determined later.

Brother Ted Melina-Raab of the Texas State Employees Union told the

Austin American-Statesman that the raise is not high enough to stem


"It's not enough," Melina-Raab said. "It's not going to stop the

tide of state employees leaving their jobs. It's not enough to make

up for high inflation."

The raise approved by the conference committee will cost the state

$456 million over the next two years.

TSEU and, on behalf of the correctional officers, AFSCME deserve

congratulations for raising the profile of the plight of state

workers. Correctional officers and other state workers in

especially hazardous or difficult fields have achieved gains in

large part because they have brought public attention to the

difficulties of their job.

Correctional officers, Laundry and Food Service will have a career

ladder established topping out at $31,068 after 8 yrs. of service for


Sgt., Lt. and Capt. will receive a 10% raise, Majors 5%.

Hazardous duty pay will not increase.




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