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   The Correctional Officers Guide to Prison Slang



GAME - A. (back in the); Life in Texas prisons prior to the Ruiz settlement in 1981, was called, "The game," although most inmates who have been incarcerated for two or more years believe that they were in the game when they arrived, actually have no knowledge of what the term really stands for.
            B. (has a); Meaning that a person is able to fight well, or to talk his way out of almost anything.
GIRL - Any inmate that acts like a female.
GO DOWN - (hard); When an inmate gives up in a fight he is said to have gone down, when an inmate continues to fight even though it is evident that he cannot win that inmate "Goes down hard".
GOON SQUAD - A team of five officers in riot gear prepared to conduct a forced removal of an inmate from a cell.
GO WAY BACK - When an inmate has known another for a long period of time, they say "We go way back" also "We go back to the game."
GOT DOWN - When one person has said or done something to another to make the other person look foolish, whether the statement is true or not, the person making the statement is said to have got down.
GOT IT - (stuff); If an inmate "has it" he is a homosexual, meaning that he has "Got that stuff." stuff being a female organ.
GOT IT GOIN' ON - If a person has "Got it goin' on" that person gets things his way, or has a prestigious position.
GROUND - (on the); When an inmate escapes he is on the ground.
GUNS - fists or forearms.
- (get in); Rectum; Inmates often use the phrase "Get in them guts." to mean performing anal sex.


HIGH RIDER - A correctional officer (normally on horseback) that is armed with a pistol or rifle, and watching inmates working outside of the security perimeter.
HIGH SIDE -  When an inmate intentionally shows other inmates that he can get away with something that they can't or that he has something that they don't have.
HO/WHO'E - Slang for homosexual, or whore, both are called hoes and the term is interchangeable.
HOE SQUAD - A squad of inmates that work in the fields using hoes (Garden type, See AGGIE) as their primary tool.
HOG - A. (to); To hog is to forcibly take property from somebody without that persons consent.  Normally there is not a fight involved.  The person allows the other to take the property out of fear.
          B. (bought/sold); (See BOUGHT, and SOLD); This is a term used to mean an untrue statement.
HOLDIN' - Any person who is a good fighter, or has the ability to cause others to believe that they can fight, is said to be holdin'.
HOME - Most inmates refer to their living quarters, i.e. cell, dorm, cubicle, etc., as home.
HOMEY/HOME BOY - Any person who lived, or was raised in the same home town as another person, is referred to as their home boy.
- Houston, Texas.
HYGIENES - Items such as toothpaste, deodorant, soap, etc. are collectively referred to by inmates as "My hygienes".
HYPE - A lie.  Propaganda.


IN CHECK - When a person does anything that another person orders them to do, regardless of personal feelings toward the activity that person is said to be in check.


JACK BOOK - Magazines, or books depicting naked women, i.e. Playboy, Penthouse, etc.
JALE - Hispanic word meaning "thing" used to mean any occurrence, i.e. fight, riot, stabbing, etc.
JIGGERS - (holdin'); When a person is watching an area to warn others of someone coming, or if an inmate is watching items very closely for an officer to prevent other inmates from getting more than their entitled portion, this is referred to as "Holdin' jiggers."
JOHNNIE - A sack lunch, (Also called a sack).
JURA - A Hispanic word for officer, (correctional officers).


KID - (punk or turnout); When an inmate is using another (weaker) inmate to do the cleaning in his cell, buying items from the prison store, or sexual acts, in exchange for the protection of the weaker inmate from the others, the weaker inmate is called his kid.
- To masturbate (derived from phrase, "killing babies").
- A garment worn by female officers, usually a long vest or jacket.
- An inmate who is constantly masturbating in public.
- A letter sent from one inmate to another by using a line or fishing pole; (See FISHING POLE).


LA LIBRE - Hispanic term meaning the same as free world; (See FREE WORLD).
- Correctional officers.
- When an inmate has an appointment to see somebody, i.e. correctional counselor, doctor, etc. and for this reason is excused from work for that day, or period of time.  Also when a doctor has given an inmate a pass to stay out of work for a period of time.
- When an inmate quits working without authorization, and refuses to go back to work.
- (work, school); Any time inmates are sent out of their housing areas in large groups this is a line due to the fact that there is a long line of inmates in the hallway at the time.
- Administrative segregation, where an inmate is placed as an administrative decision for several reasons, such as protective custody, or repeated acts of a violent nature that indicate that the inmates presents in general population is a threat to the safe and secure operation of the facility.
- When a large group of inmates are held in their cells for a period of time following a major disturbance, the inmates are locked in their cells for the entire day, receiving sack lunches (Johnnies) as meals, and showering approximately three times a week.
- Yelled out in a group of people to get all of them to look when you are only trying to get the attention of one of them whose name is unknown.


MEDS - An inmates medication.
- (Missing In Action); A person who seems to be lost, (mentally) as evidenced by repeatedly doing things that would seem, to a reasonable person, as stupid.
- A Hispanic term for correctional officer, (meaning syrup), and reportedly because correctional officers are slow.
- A. (commissary); Inmates often refer to their store bought goods as their money, due to the fact that real money is not allowed in prisons, store bought goods are traded among inmates as money.
              B. (sit on); Inmates sometimes refer to a females or a homosexuals buttocks as their money.


NASTY - An inmate who does not shower regularly, or who refuses to clean up his living quarters to the point that it becomes offensive to other inmates is called nasty.
- A team of officers dressed in riot gear in preparation to quell a riot, or to conduct a forced removal of an inmate.  The term is derived from the fact that the officers resemble the Teen Aged Mutant Ninja Turtles in this gear.


ON THE COOL - When something is done quietly so that others do not become aware of what is going on it is being done on the cool.